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Wow. What an amazing difference between the "Titanic" stars in 1998 and the "Revolutionary Road" stars in 2008.

In the past 10 years, Kate Winslet has lost every ounce of her former baby fat and is now a totally skinny-mini tan and blond Hollywood babe. And Leonardo DiCaprio is a distinguished, dapper gentleman, no longer a spotty-faced, pencil-necked youth.

Is it something in the Hollywood water? How is this even possible?

And don’t say clean living.

There’s Hollywood makeover magic at work. I just know it.

Photos: Kate and Leo at the Globes in 2008. Kate and Leo at the L.A. "Revo Road" premiere this week.
Credit: WireImage

Keep reading to see full-length comparison shots of Kate at the 1998 Oscars and now.


Kate in her infamous green velvet "Titanic" Oscar dress in 1998.

Kate — looking astonishingly slender and sexy — at this week’s "Revo Road" premiere. How does she do it?

Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead