Kate Winslet.jpgKate Winslet just won a Golden Globe for her performance in the TV miniseries “Mildred Pierce.” While backstage, a reporter asked her if she wanted to play Elizabeth Taylor and how she felt about Lindsay Lohan saying she’ like to tackle the role. She answered, “Oh my gosh, I’ll decline to comment, actually, because that’s the first
I’ve heard of that. I’m not
gonna go there, dude. It’s a bit of a hot zone, I think.”

She was more interested in a different sort of role altogether. She wants to play a man. “I don’t know what kind of man, and I don’t know if that would happen or
not, but I would be very interested in that because I think that would
be the ultimate challenge,” she revealed. Well Kate, one thing is for sure. It would be a very pretty man! Have you seen that picture above? Wow!

So what did Winslet learn from her award-winning role in “Mildred Pierce?” “My take home from ‘Mildred’ was that I was taught to section up a
chicken by [“Top Chef’s”] Tom Collichio at his apartment in New York,”
she said. “He used a technique which is old-fashioned deliberately. It
wasn’t too restaurant-style, it wasn’t too polished.”

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