1vfkate Fur flaps: Kate Winslet gets real; Angelina Jolie goes faux Kate Winslet is very angry — you might even say she’s fur-ious — that photographer Steven Meisel posed her naked on a fur throw in the new Vanity Fair.

Meisel assured the Oscar-winning actress that the fur was fake.


"Although there were both real and fake furs on set, the fur used in the photograph is real," a spokeswoman for the mag tells the NY Daily News.

"We thought Ms. Winslet was aware of this, and we’re sorry for the miscommunication."

But no fur flaps over Angelina Jolie‘s wardrobe in her film “Changeling.”

Angelinajolie2 Costume designer Deborah Hopper replaced the real fur in vintage costumes and used faux for the costumes she had made for Angelina.

“Fur was very popular in the ’20s," Hopper tells The Dish Rag. "Most of the coats either had fur collars or cuffs. It wasn’t just for rich people. You could buy it from the mail-order catalogs, even Sears and  Roebuck had it.”

Did Angelina request this change?

“Using fake fur was something I just thought we should do,” says Hopper.

What do you think?

Is it messing with historical accuracy to swap out real fur for faux in a period film?

Or is it absolutely the right — and humane — thing to do?

Photo: courtesy of Vanity Fair

Photo: courtesy of Universal. Tony Rivititi.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead