kate winslet gi titanic 3d Kate Winslet: 'Titanic' theme song makes me feel like 'throwing up'We have a feeling she’s not alone, but in an interview with MTV “Titanic” star Kate Winslet admitted that the movie’s theme song — Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” — makes her feel like “throwing up.”

Why is Winslet talking about “Titanic” 15 years after it first hit theaters? Because director James Cameron is releasing an updated 3-D version of the much-beloved movie on April 6.

“I do feel like throwing up. I wish I could say ‘Oh listen, everybody! It’s the Celine Dion song!’ But I don’t,” says Winslet. “I just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll.”

“Every time I go into a bar in a hotel where there’s a live pianist, or into a restaurant where they’re changing their music according to who walks into the door, it’s thrilling for people to ‘surprise me’ with that song.”

The song, though much (and justifiably) maligned, is still one of the best-selling singles of all time — with sales above the 15 million copies mark — and won the 1998 Oscar for Best Song.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson