Did dueling award winners Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett call each other to coordinate their colors for the Palm Springs International Film Fest? Nyah. It was just an accident that they both wore Titanic Blue, says an insider. But you can bet they won’t be blue twins if they’re both nominated for an Oscar.

Winslet gave one of the most touching acceptance speechs Saturday for her winning role in Todd Field’s "Little Children: “This is very overwhelming and I’m incredibly honored. But I don’t want to make a speech. I want to read out two letters because I’ve always written letters to myself.

One is me age 11: Dear God – Please, please, please let me be an actress. Please let me get lots of lovely parts and wear loads of make up. Let me look like Olivia Newton-John in ‘Grease.’ Let me be able to sing like Julie Andrews and please let me wear lots of corsets so that my boobs look good. Please let me have lots of lines to say, more than anybody else, and let me get to kiss lots of hunky guys like Leonardo DiCaprio. Please let me always want to be an actress.

This is me at age 31: Dear God – Please let me never be late for work. Please let me remember my lines. Let me eat carrots and not the donuts. Please let me not wear corsets so I can breathe – never mind about the boobs. Please let me always trust my instincts. Please let me read well enough to play a part. Please let my co-stars have good breath. And please let me always want to be an actress.’

But who won the award for sexiest frock at the PSIFF?

Photo Credits: Just call it Ladies Sing the Blues?
Steve Granitz/WireImage


That award goes to Sienna Miller for her daringly low-cut Ozzie Clark vintage frock.  Clark is an almost forgotten designer of the ’70s and a major fashion influence for his time.

"Lots of the young actresses are wearing him these days," said an Instyle reporter at the gala who certainly should know. And Sienna had to have been wearing about two rolls of double stick dress tape as well. 

Photo Credits: It takes courage – and double stick tape – wear this dress without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Bravo, Sienna!
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