katharine mcphee san francisco 49ers super bowl 2013 gi Katharine McPhee sits on Russell Brand's lap during 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'Katharine McPhee’s appearance on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” was just supposed to be the usual plug-your-show sit down — in this case the second season premiere of “Smash,” also on NBC — but she didn’t count on Russell Brand.

Brand was Fallon’s first guest and was still seated in the lead guest chair when McPhee came out. After she demurely headed for the couch, Brand pulled her onto his lap. Fallon tried to tell her not to do it but Brand mischievously said “Katharine is welcome to sit here!”

“You’re beautiful!” Brand told her when she stood back up. “Thank you,” she politely acknowledged before pushing him toward the couch.

“This is all too much for just the first 30 seconds,” McPhee cracked as she finally sat down for the interview.

As she launched into a routine talk show story — about attending the Super Bowl to see her beloved San Francisco 49ers and dropping the detail that coach Jim Harbaugh’s kids are fans of “Smash” — Brand kept interrupting. At least until McPhee pointedly mentioned her husband…

“You must never destroy a marriage, unless you’re really bored,” Brand joked. But the magic was gone: “I didn’t know you’re married, I’m gonna f*** off now,” he exclaimed before making a dramatic exit.

McPhee attempted to continue with her story, but Brand had officially hijacked the interview.

Watch the video of Katharine McPhee on “Late Night” below:

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