ActressKa_John_57918865_600 Remember that famous scene in "When Harry Met Sally" when Meg Ryan fakes a climax over lunch with Billy Crystal to prove that women can fool men convincingly.

A similar thing happens to Katherine Heigl thanks to a pair of vibrating panties worn to a business dinner in her new romantic comedy, “The Ugly Truth."

Except her character is NOT faking it.

“It was a very physical scene,” she told Access Hollywood about the scene that echoes Meg Ryan’s orgasm.  “It has an opportunity to be very revealing in a way that I’m not sure I want the world to know what I’m like in that moment.”

She insists that's not her real O-face. Or voice.

 ”It’s very exaggerated,” she said. “I’m looking for the comedy as much as possible, but I wasn’t really sure where it was going to go when we started that day.”

Her husband, musician Josh Kelly, was on the set during the scene. He's the only one who could really tell us if it was true to life or just acting. …

And he's not talking. Darn it.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead