Katherineheigl_290 Pardon me once again for hijacking Korbi’s blog, but since the pro and con battle has been raging since yesterday’s post about Katherine Heigl’s Letterman appearance, I thought I’d clear some things up.

For the record: Korbi did not write the post. I did. Also for the record: I like Katherine Heigl. A lot. I was not being sarcastic about that at all. I defended her when she corrected the Emmy announcer for mispronouncing her name and I defended her when she said that she didn’t have Emmy-worthy material season-before-last — because, well, she didn’t. I didn’t defend her for sticking up for T.R. Knight and slamming Isaiah Washington because, really, does that even need to be defended?

Oh, and I’m  not black, homophobic, fat, ugly, hopeless, sexless or a Judd Apatow minion, but thanks to the anonymous person who wanted to throw that out there.

And the reason why we like her is because she’s so free with sharing her opinions, how they’re taken be damned. At the same time, one would think by now she would think before she speaks. Thank goodness she doesn’t though. The girl makes for great copy.

But enough about us. Here’s what you had to say:

The Good:

I think that if a man said these comments, they would not have been misinterpreted and found funny. But because she is a woman and refuses to play by the rules, the media drags her down.

I applaud her for being opinionated and for sticking up for herself.Erica

The whole emmy material controversy was asinine. she didnt go out of her way to insult the writers. she didnt enter her name and was asked why. she answered because she didny have the material. she didnt go out to insult them, she answered a question. god forbid she be honest. this is why everybody is so untruthful in hollywood. and she was right. even people that hate her have to admit she had a terrible storyline that season. yes its an ensemble but she won an emmy the previous season. if the writers cant give evry actor a good storyliner they have too many charcters. tr knight also suffered (hardly appearing on the show this season). if you hate her at least have it be for the right reasons. dont act like she went out to be rude to the writers. — Rob

Even if she was complaining, and even if she makes hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars at this job, she still has a right to say what she says about it. Everybody complains about something even when they have it better than other people. I mean, really, we’ve gotten to the point where she’s not even allowed to talk unless it’s overly positive and complimentary of everyone?Carrie

I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan but I do like Katherine Heigl’s movies and I always enjoy watching interviews with her because I think she’s interesting and funny and she’s not interested in putting up a facade to make you like her if you don’t actually like her for who she really is. I think she’s great and I am very excited to see The Ugly Truth. Keep on keepin’ on, KH.Chad

The Bad:

I didn’t suddenly not like her because of one thing she said, which, by the way, I do think was a complaint not a joke. I don’t like her for many, many, many reasons.Jae

i think she’s getting paid SO MUCH $$ that she should shut the eff up about how long her workdays are, or sarcastically saying like oh but they do give her an hour lunch yes they do give her that much….

i think little miss smarty pants might be getting a bit too big for her britches!!pleeeease

*sigh* why do people even pay attention to her? oh yes because she’s blonde and attractive. she has never played a different character in her entire career. she plays spoiled, think they are very clever and for the most part are, overly coiffed women who are obessed with finding a man. how is that acting for her?!?!

and how is her saying “i hope this does embarass them” joking?

whatever. i have already lost too much time ruminating over kh.  — snot

The Ugly:

there are three kinds of people do not like Katherine Heigl:
1.Black homophobes who are still pissed that she got isaiah “boom boom” washington kicked off the show.
2.Hopeleess, sex-less degenerate apatow minions holding a grudge over her comments about knocked up.
3.Fat and/or ugly chicks overcome with jealousy over how easy the pretty girls seem to have it.
it seems to me

You crack me up, Korbi. The only thing sadder than starring on a lousy reality TV show, is being a blogger for a second rate online entertainment rag who brags about rubbing elbows with said TV “stars” in her column’s comment section. Keep rubbing elbows with people in such high places, Korbi, and maybe someday, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet someone who can introduce you to Heigl’s assistant’s dog walker. May just score the scoop of your life, if you catch my drift. — Snark

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Do you kiss you mother with that mouth?

What do you think? Katherine Heigl: love her of hate her?

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