Katherine Jenkins Mark Ballas.jpg“Dancing With the Stars” premiered on March 19, and Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins and her pro-partner Mark Ballas scored a 26. They tied in first place with Jaleel White and his partner Chelsie Hightower. This is being called the best “DWTS” premiere in the history of the show. There are also rumors about Jenkins and Ballas, and whether or not there is romance in the air.

The two have been spotted holding hands and Zap2it noticed some really amazing chemistry between the two. When we were on the scene last night, they were joking and laughing and teasing each other about their accents. So, does this mean there is romance in the air? Not so, according to the pair.

Ballas and Jenkins tells Access Hollywood that none of it is true. They couldn’t resist joking about it though. Jenkins says, “Yes, we’d like to make an announcement.”  Ballas adds, “I get really overwhelmed in those situations and, you know, we’re coming downstairs so we’re just walking together.” They say all the photographs were blinding them and they had to hold hands.

Did you guys watch last night? Did you notice chemistry? We’d love to know what you think. We’re not sure, but we think we caught some hand holding on the show last night. Of course, considering the dances, we think most of these couples are probably pretty physically comfortable with each other. Weigh in!

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