katherine mcphee michael morris cheating smash gi Katherine McPhee 'embarrassed' by 'Smash' cheating scandalKatherine McPhee hasn’t been in the spotlight since the cancellation of “Smash.” But after photos of her kissing the married director of several episodes of the NBC drama, Michael Morris, surfaced online, the actress is back in the headlines.

According to Us Weekly, she’s incredibly embarrassed by the attention.

“She is SO embarrassed she was caught,” a source tells the magazine. “She should have known better!”

McPhee and Morris are both currently married. But while McPhee and her husband have been separated for half a year — she “has had friends living with her for months,” another source tells Us — Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack, with whom he has three young children, and the affair has caused plenty of problems in their marriage. Apparently, once Morris told McCormack that the photos were going to come out, she kicked him out of the house.

None of the parties involved have commented publicly, so the speculation and anonymous quotes have run rampant. This one in particular seems troublesome, as the source mentioned McPhee is embarrassed she was caught, but not if she is embarrassed and sorry about the whole situation in general.

Posted by:Jean Bentley