The fourth hour of “Today” seems sometimes to exist solely to provide Internet GIFs and clips for “The Soup,” and Kathie Lee Gifford served up an all-timer on Thursday (Oct. 11).

During a segment on pet adoptions with photographer Nigel Barker, Gifford dropped a puppy she was holding. The pooch — who, to be fair, squirmed away from Gifford as much as she dropped him — did a bit of a face-plant on the floor but was otherwise fine.

“The puppy’s OK, but I’m a wreck,” Gifford said Friday when she and fourth hour co-host Hoda Kotb called into the varsity version of “Today.” “It’s very upsetting for me. I have three dogs of my own, and I adore dogs.”

Because the dog was OK, Gifford then turned to what she does best: making fun of Kotb. “I have realized what the problem was. The problem was that dog did not want to go home with Hoda,” she says.

The “Today” crew also notes Kotb’s outsized reaction to the doggie dive. “I was terrified for that dog when it took that kamikaze dive away from Kathie Lee,” she says. “… Yeah, that was not a great reaction. I’m kind of embarrassed.” Apparently the dog was also a bit smelly — but, come on, Kathie Lee and Hoda. It’s a dog.

Al Roker gets off the best line toward the end of the conversation: “Kathie Lee dropped him like a boxed wine.”

Posted by:Rick Porter