kathygriffin kategosselin 290 Kathy Griffin <i>is</i> Kate GosselinIt was probably inevitable that someone would make a TV movie based on the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin. And so that day has come.

Here is the trailer for “Kate Is Enough,” starring Kathy Griffin as the most famous scorned mother of sextuplets in all the land.

OK, so that’s not real. But Griffin’s bit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night got me thinking — why haven’t we heard yet that someone’s making a quickie TV movie about Jon and Kate?

It seems like a natural. There’s already a dramatic arc in place — unknown couple rises to fame and beloved status via a TV show only to be torn apart by the trappings of that fame — and interest in the Gosselins is still running pretty high. Why hasn’t Lifetime (or Oxygen or WE) stepped up to the plate?

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Posted by:Rick Porter