kathy griffin harry styles coat Kathy Griffin stole Harry Styles' coat during his date with Kendall Jenner

During the Eagles concert on Friday (Jan. 17), Kathy Griffin saw an opportunity and stole it.

Well, she stole more than an opportunity: She stole Harry Styles’ coat. And she was so proud of it that she posted a photo of the stolen contraband on Twitter.

“I went to the Eagles concert, and I stole Harry Styles’ coat,” Griffin reveals proudly on the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet. “He always wears that pea coat, and I stole it and tweeted a picture of it.”

Griffin shared a photo of herself wearing Styles’ coat, and captioned it, “Hey @Harry_Styles! I have ur Saint Laurent coat from last night’s Eagles concert. U know where to find me…”

How did Griffin even get close enough to Styles to steal the coat, especially since he was on a date with Kendall Jenner? “I was seated next to Harry Styles, and one of those Jenners: Francine or Tipsy or Hopsy?” Griffin says. “I don’t know their names, one of two, they’re like 7 feet tall. He was canoodling with her, and then he left, and I took his coat.”

Hope it didn’t ruin your date, Harry.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum