kathy griffin nye Kathy Griffin to CNN: Go ahead and pull me off the airKathy Griffin had to give back her paycheck after dropping an F-bomb on CNN last New Year’s Eve. She doesn’t appear to be especially chastened by that, though.

“There’s no regret,” Griffin tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I only want to go further.” This despite the fact that CNN management has told her that if she swears on live TV again, she’ll be pulled from the network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast immediately in addition to forfeiting her pay for the night.

And if that happens? Watch your back, Dick Clark. Or maybe your front.

“If CNN dares to pull me live, I’ll be walking right over to ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ to give Dick Clark a lap dance,” Griffin says.

Griffin is probably just playing provocateur in order to get a few more people to tune into her broadcast with Anderson Cooper, who’s probably been practicing his bemused face for weeks now. If she’s being serious, though, it seems kind of silly that CNN would put her on the air at all.

You can see if Griffin holds her tongue (or if she’s there at all) when CNN begins its New Year’s Eve countdown at 11 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Rick Porter