anderson cooper kathy griffin facebook Kathy Griffin wouldn't have outed Anderson CooperComedian Kathy Griffin is known for suggesting in her act that various celebs might be gay — from Ryan Seacrest and John Travolta to Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. But one person she would never have considered outing is her pal Anderson Cooper, who officially outed himself Monday (July 2).

“Believe it or not, I don’t ‘out’ people. It is neither my business nor my desire,” she writes in a column for the Daily Beast on Monday. “Remember, folks, I am a comedian, not a journalist.”

“I have no idea if Oprah and Gayle are gay lovers. I doubt they are, but as a comedian, I find some comedy in picturing those two girls running the world as a power couple,” she continues.

Kathy writes that she’s often questioned about Anderson’s orientation but has always managed to talk around it.

“Quite frankly, he never gave me permission to speak about something that represented the one part of his life he was not comfortable having confirmed in the media. But in my dealings with a certain sector of the press, that simply was never good enough.”

She goes on to say that while she’s proud of Anderson for his honesty, she wants him to be careful because of how dangerous it can be to be openly gay — or even thought to be gay — in many parts of the world, including places right here in the U.S.

“I don’t want my friend to face that part of the world, where he might die a very different kind of death than someone who isn’t quite so honest,” she writes. “I just want him to be careful. Of course he wouldn’t be doing his job if he really were being careful.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper