katie couric today howard stern gi Katie Couric reveals that 'Today' tried to get her back

Do you still miss Katie Couric on the “Today” show seven years after the former co-anchor left? Apparently, “Today” missed her a bit too — Couric has revealed that her old show talked to her about returning.

Now the host of daytime show “Katie” and formerly the anchor of the CBS Evening News, Couric has done fairly well for herself since leaving “Today.” That show, however, has had some struggles in her absence. Couric’s immediate successor, Meredith Vieira, did all right until her own departure in 2011, but it was all downhill after that. Ann Curry lasted only one year in the job before being replaced by Savannah Guthrie as Matt Lauer‘s co-host.

Ratings are still working on recovery.

But did “Today” ever try to get Couric to just come back? According to the newswoman, the answer is yes. When talking with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show on Tuesday (May 27), Couric admitted that Lauer had wanted to team up for some sort of new show with her. In addition to that, NBC did make some initial moves to get Couric back on “Today.” “There were some cautious overtures to me to possibly come back to the ‘Today’ show, but then they sort of evaporated,” she said.

Could such a thing happen? Again, the answer is yes. “For me, that was the best job,” Couric told Stern.

Thus, there is a chance that Katie Couric could return to “Today” — you know, if all of her other stuff suddenly failed.

Posted by:Laurel Brown