katie couric talk show disaster Katie Couric's talk show an 'unmitigated disaster,' one exec tells Fox NewsHave you been tuning in to Katie Couric‘s self-titled syndicated talk show this year? According to a report at Fox News, you may not be able to for much longer.

“Katie’s new talk show does not live up its expectations,” says one source. “Whatever constraints Katie experienced anchoring ‘Evening News’ [it is] certainly taking its toll, and her return to daytime has backfired.”

One studio executive even calls the talk show an “unmitigated disaster.”

“One of the biggest failures ever in syndication,” says the exec. “Terrible ratings, no growth, shouldn’t be on the air. Where did it miss the mark? Let’s start with her, she is dreadfully boring. The show offers nothing new to the audience, nothing to say.”

In January, Disney-ABC renewed “Katie” for a second season that will begin in fall 2013. And a different source close to Couric says she is still very much wanted by the network. “Katie” is the top-rated rookie talk show this season.

But Fox News is told there almost certainly will be no third season for Couric’s talk show.

“There is zero chance it goes to a third season. It might nto even finish the second,” says one insider.

Another source adds, “[The staff] are desperately running around approaching talent and offering to traint hem to replace her as a new daytime talk show host. It’s a number one priority.”

But an ABC source tells Fox that it might not be Couric’s fault that the show isn’t doing well.

“Katie is frustrated because she’s constantly trying to drive
up-to-date, current segments whereas most of the team around her a stuck
on more evergreen, formulaic daytime segments,” says the source. “She wants it to be very
news driven. But she works very hard and has been relentless in being
active on social media. But Katie
isn’t having a good time and she can be extremely difficult to work

Another source echoes those sentiments.

“Katie has stipulated that she will only interview Ivy League-type guests, and her blatant disregard for producers and executives alike, has created such animosity that ABC [execs] have made it a top priority to find a replacement next season,” says the source.

There is speculation that Couric will follow former “Katie” executive producer Jeff Zucker to CNN. Would you follow Katie to the cable news channel?

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