katie couric tca press tour Katie Couric's talk show will 'tackle a lot of different subjects, from the very, very serious to much more lighthearted features'Katie Couric is debuting a syndicated talk show in September called “Katie,” which she tells the Television Critics Association will let her flex all her journalistic muscles.

“One of the exciting things for me about doing the show is I’m going to
be able to flex all my muscles,” says Couric. “You know, I’ve been in television news,
I’m sorry to say, 33 years at this point in time. And I think that
I’ve done such a variety of stories through the years.”

“I pride myself on being able to use the right tone and the right
approach and to be able to calibrate that approach depending on who I’m
interviewing or the topic that I’m dealing with on any given day,” Couric continues. “So I
hope that people expect me to have the ability to tackle a lot of
different subjects well, from the very, very serious to much more
lighthearted features.”

As an example, Couric touches on the recent tragedy in Colorado.

“Obviously, when something happens as it did in Aurora, Colorado, that is something that we would approach on the show and talk about with a deeper look at some of the issues that I think are attendant to a terrible event like that,” says Couric.

“Whether it’s talking about gun laws in this country and hearing both sides and talking about what exists and if they need to be enforced better or reasons why they may not have an impact on violent individuals like this. Maybe it’s taking a look, profiling this kind of sociopath or someone with this kind of violent predisposition and personality,” she continues. “And we witnessed these events happening before, specifically with Columbine, which I covered 13 years ago.”

“So I think that, we would take a news story like that and all the questions that people have had since it occurred, and take a closer look,” finishes Couric.

“Katie” will premiere Monday, Sept. 10, 2012. Are you looking forward to Katie’s return to television?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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