suri cruise katie holmes bike ride nyc Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise go low key in the last days of summerSuri Cruise has lived in the lap of luxury for most of her six years of life. She’s got multiple homes, expensive designer clothes, bodyguards galore, the use of a private jet — everything a six-year-old style icon could possibly desire. Since Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, though, Katie’s been determined to give Suri a more normal existence.

This fall, Suri will enter school for the first time. Of course, she’s attending the posh girls’ school Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York City, which boasts alumni like Lady Gaga, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Benedicto, and a handful of Kennedys — but it’s a far cry from the home-schooling she’s received thus far.

But before school begins on in the first week of September, Suri has been enjoying her remaining days of freedom, just being a regular kid with her mom. Katie took Suri to her hometown of Toledo, Ohio to spend some time with the Holmes family. They flew commercial, and Suri was even spotted (gasp!) carrying her own luggage through the airport. While in Ohio, E! reports that Suri had a great time at the mall and going swimming at a local Country Club.

They were back in New York this weekend, where Katie taught Suri to ride her bike on a bike path near the West Side Highway. Suri has also been taking gymnastics classes (because even celeb kids catch Olympic fever!), going to the zoo with her grandmother, and… dining at Nobu. Divorce or no divorce, a kid needs her yellowtail tartar with caviar.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie