katie holmes next tv roles Katie Holmes: 'Fringe,' 'Revenge' and 12 other TV roles for the next stage of her careerKatie Holmes has been all over the news in the past couple of weeks thanks to her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise. Now that it’s been settled, though, it’s easy to imagine offers flooding in for her.

Holmes has a couple of movie projects in the pipeline, but here at Zap2it, we’re hoping Holmes decides to make a return to television, where the world got to know her as Joey Potter on “Dawson’s Creek.”

She’s clearly not averse to the idea — just last year, she starred in “The Kennedys” miniseries and guested on “How I Met Your Mother.” With a new season getting underway in a couple months, any number of shows could make good use of both her talents and the attendant publicity her next acting gig brings.

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How many? Well, at least 14. Our suggestions:

“Saturday Night Live”: Yes, the show made fun of her a couple seasons back. But “SNL’s” bookers should be on the phone with her people right now to talk about her hosting the season premiere.

“Fringe”: Pacey Witter Joshua Jackson noted recently that he thinks there should be female Observers. While it would be weird to see a bald, eyebrow-less Katie, there’s no way we’re not watching.

“The Following”: It would reunite her with “Dawson’s Creek” creator Kevin Williamson, and there’s even a role waiting to be filled in FOX’s midseason series. As Zap2it previously reported, the show is casting an FBI agent in her mid-30s to early 40s who’s a cult expert and will “follow the rules one minute and break them the next — even change them if it suits her.” At 33, Holmes is on the young side of the character’s age range, but that’s a minor hurdle.

“Revenge”: Ashley quit as Victoria’s assistant, so the Hamptons doyenne need a new one, especially post-plane crash. And if Holmes becomes a new love interest for Victoria’s son Daniel, that would be OK too. It of course goes without saying that the character will have a secret agenda of her own.

“Community”: For starters, the underdog comedy could use the ratings bounce a Holmes guest arc might bring. So maybe a six-episode run as a love interest for … Jeff? Abed? Troy, just to see how Britta would react?

“Happy Endings”: As herself, so we could watch the show’s pop culture-obsessed characters swoon upon meeting her.

“Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23” and “Cougar Town”: Completing the “Dawson’s Creek” reunion tour. She could play herself opposite James Van Der Beek in “Apt. 23” and one of Laurie’s (Busy Philipps) crazy friends on “Cougar Town.”

“Glee”: Frankly, it’s a little surprising that rumors of her guesting on the show haven’t started already.

“Criminal Minds” or “Law & Order: SVU”: Jennifer Love Hewitt turned in an excellent performance as a haunted crime victim on “SVU” a couple seasons back. That route — or perhaps an episode where she’s the sociopathic suspect on either show — would be a fine one-off choice. Bonus: “SVU” shoots in New York, where she and Suri will be living.

“The Client List”: Speaking of Jennifer Love Hewitt. And really, why not?

“American Horror Story”: The FX show loves its stunt casting, and it hasn’t cast Adam Levine’s spouse yet, so …

“Girls”: Hannah needs a therapist, don’t you think?

What shows would you like to see Katie Holmes do?

(Thanks to Jean Bentley, Carina Adly MacKenzie, Drusilla Moorhouse and Andrea Reiher for suggestions and help putting this post together.)

Posted by:Rick Porter