tom cruise Katie Holmes Katie Holmes runs into ex fiance Chris Klein at Golden Globes bash. Awkward?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made an unusual appearance at a 2010 Golden Globes party — held by the New York Times Style magazine and Dom Perignon — at famous Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont on Friday (Jan. 15).
Katie wore a sexy black Lyell dress with puffed sleeves and Givenchy heels. Her hair is definitely growing out. 
Tom was wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, a black turtleneck and jeans. 
Awkward moment alert: Katie’s ex-fiance Chris Klein was also at the party. They were together for five years before they broke up and she fell for and married Tom, practically overnight.

No word as to whether Katie and Chris bumped into each other. Or if they spoke.


]]>But chances are they at lease saw each other across the star-studded but exclusive bash.

Did Katie introduce Chris to Tom? Mmmm, doubt it. 
Also on hand: Diane Kruger, Anna Kendrick, Adam Lambert (who did not trash a hotel room on this night), Joan Collins, Julianne Moore, Tom Ford, Oliver Stone  and the scary skinny stylist Rachel Zoe