katie holmes h stern Katie Holmes stars in some sexy jewelry adsKatie Holmes‘ latest work is a little racier than what we’re used to from the “Jack and Jill” actress.

Holmes posed for some new H. Stern jewelry ads recently, and let’s just say that she’s wearing some stunning jewelry and not much else.
In one shot, Holmes dons a bathing suit (with a strategically slipped strap) while posing sexily on a beach and rocking some killer earrings. In another, she seems to have the same problem keeping her straps in place while the wind blows through her hair and she sports a necklace with some cool tentacle-looking things on it. (Yes, that’s totally the technical term.)
One common thread (aside from the accessories): Some thick black eye makeup that seems a little heavy for a day at the beach, but whatever. 
Listen, if you’re selling jewelry, properly fitting clothes (or shirts in general) do seem like an optional component to the advertisements.
Posted by:Jean Bentley