katie holmes live kelly michael pacey dawson Katie Holmes still can't choose between Dawson and PaceyYou know how people kept talking about “undecided voters” in the final weeks before the Presidential election, and everyone wondered how in the world undecided voters could exist when the candidates were such polar opposites?

That is how we feel about people who still can’t choose between Dawson and Pacey. You’d have to be deaf and blind and living under a rock for the last 16 years not to know whether you’d prefer a whiny, self-righteous, naive crybaby over a strong, passionate, progressive, awesome, perfect, wonderful man who looks like this in a sweater:

joshua jackson pacey sweater Katie Holmes still can't choose between Dawson and Pacey

(It is possible that we’re a little biased. A little.)

Still, nearly a decade after the series finale of “Dawson’s Creek,” Katie Holmes remains undecided. On Monday, she appeared on “Live With Kelly and Michael” and when presented with the question of “Dawson or Pacey?,” Katie refused to answer. “I think that’s up to the audience!” she said.

She did, however, answer a few other questions in the hot seat: Her favorite movie is “Annie Hall,” her biggest pet peeve is “People who play with their nose in traffic,” and when it comes to cupcake flavors, she favors “Vanilla with vanilla, with vanilla sprinkles.”

So much vanilla. Maybe Katie is a Dawson girl after all.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie