Katie Holmes uses her celebrity super-powers for good, not evil!
In the middle of this week’s commercialized hell of Oscar swag suites going on all over town (and no, I’m not going to list them all), Holmes assumed her rightful place among Hollywood’s elite female forces who showed up to support activist Eve Ensler at Glamour’s Women of Peace/Women in Conflict luncheon. Wearing a white Armani linen pantsuit and peep toe pumps that revealed silvery toe nail polish, Holmes smiled sweetly as she posed with Glamor mag editor Cindi Leive, Paula Wagner, (Tom Cruise’s longtime partner), Ensler and Margaret Jayah from Sierra Leone.

]]> “Eve said come, so I did,” explained Sally Field who had attended Ensler’s bilingual Vagina Monologues in Juarez, Mexico. Yesterday’s lunch raised awareness about the plight of women in war zones and benefitted V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women that began 10 years ago, an outgrowth of Ensler’s "Vagina Monologues," which has spread to 129 countries and raised $40 million.

The luncheon was held at Campanile, about a mile from the Kodak Theatre, where Oscar prep work is causing traffic detours on Hollywood Boulevard. “Many men have complained that our V-day has ruined Valentine’s Day. I say it’s put the love back into it.”

Hollywood Vagina Warriors Jane Fonda,  Rosaria Dawson, Marisa Tomei, Marley Shelton, Salma Hayek, Shiva Rose, Lisa Ling, Judith Light, Gail Berman and Pat Mitchell listened to heartbreaking stories from Jayah, a victim of the ’90s rebel conflict in Sierra Leone and Soya, from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

“When you see the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ or when you wear diamonds,” think of what Margaret has gone through,” said Myriam Merlet, from the Ministry of Women in Haiti. No wonder so many stood up to donate $10,000 to Ensler’s project, including Tomei who was the first actress Ensler asked to join the movement a decade ago. To see more photos from the party, click here.

Photo Credits: Lester Cohen/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead