katie couric set 'Katie' premiere   Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow open upThe long-awaited premiere of Katie Couric‘s brand new daytime talk show, titled simply “Katie,” has finally aired. So, what did you think of the debut, featuring Jessica Simpson and “Katie” theme song writer Sheryl Crow?

Couric was her usual charming self, thanking her daughters and mother for being in the audience as she began her new venture. The very first guest was Simpson, who was making her first public appearance since having baby girl Maxwell in May. She spent a lot of time talking about her struggle with weight, and an entire segment was dedicated to Simpson and Couric talking with their Weight Watchers coach.

Listen: Simpson seems like a pleasant person, but why would you have her as the very first guest when she is most well known as a ditzy, not-so-well-spoken blonde? The issues she discussed were real but she is not an engaging personality. She’s pretty good as a judge on NBC’s “Fashion Star,” where she can be candid and open. Here she was sticking to pre-approved talking points that had us bored.

Thank goodness, then, that Crow was there to liven things up. She’s incredibly eloquent and shared some interesting insights on her ex Lance Armstrong’s struggle this summer, her time touring as a backup singer for Michael Jackson, discovering a (benign) brain tumor.

What did you think of the “Katie” premiere? Will you be tuning in regularly?

Posted by:Jean Bentley