katt williams sued by fans gi Katt Williams detained following mysterious Subway kerfuffleKatt Williams and “tour manager” Suge Knight were both cited by police outside a Subway restaurant in Los Angeles. The details are sketchy, as they tend to be when Katt — or Suge, for that matter — is involved, but the final word from TMZ is that Katt parked too close to fire hydrant.

The news came in that the beleaguered comedian was involved in some sort of
“disturbance” at the sandwich chain, while Mr. Knight was up the road getting his mani-pedi.

Williams first said he was standing around, minding hos own business when cops rolled up and snatched him. Katt was all smiles as police confiscated his marijuana and handgun. Both were returned because the comic had a prescription for the weed and a permit for the gun.

Eventually, both men were issued citations — Suge’s was for outstanding warrants — and sent on their merry way. Katt claims the detainment was racist and says he plans to contact Gloria Allred.

Only in Hollywood …

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