katt williams gi Katt Williams dissolves into anti Mexican diatribe at Phoenix show

August has not been a good month to be comedian Katt Williams. After getting kicked out of his own stand-up performance in California earlier in the month, his Aug. 27 Phoenix show included a heated, racial exchange with a heckler.

The “Friday After Next” actor started engaging with a vocal audience member, when Williams concluded the man was of Mexican descent.

“You think I’m dissing Mexico and I’m defending America,” Williams says in one of the more printable moments. “Are you Mexican? Do you know where Mexico is? No, this ain’t Mexico, it used to be Mexico, motherf***er, and now it’s Phoenix, godd***it. USA! USA!”

More profanities, attempted security interruptions and even an impromptu rendition of the National Anthem ensue. You can watch the whole NSFW rant [via HuffPo] below:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell