katt-williams-evades-arrest-bike-chase-police-pics-gi.jpgComedian Katt Williams is in trouble again — this time for allegedly leading California Highway Patrol on a wild chase while driving his three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk in Sacramento.

Reuters reports that authorities called off the chase to protect bystanders.

Police say an officer in a car spotted Williams on Sunday (Nov. 25) driving a three-wheeled Can-Am motorcycle on a sidewalk near the state capitol building. Williams initiated a chase, which reached speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. He later turned onto a pedestrian-only thoroughfare before turning onto another street.

During the chase, which lasted for two minutes, Williams reportedly turned to the officer at one point and said, “I’m not going to stop.” The comedian also ran several red lights.

Williams was not arrested, but the CHP’s capitol protection section reportedly intends to present a felony evading arrest case to the district attorney’s office for possible prosecution.  

Posted by:Jennifer Harper