katt williams sentenced Katt Williams sentenced to community service but avoids jail time

Katt Williams has been sentenced for his misdemeanor charge of evading police, and he got off pretty light.

Though Williams was originally sentenced to 180 days of jail, 90 of those were converted into 420 hours of community service instead, E! News reports. The remaining 90 days have been stayed, which means Williams is getting off without any jail time.

Still, he’s not entirely a free man. He’s been given three years of informal probation and will have to complete his allotted community service hours by Feb. 7, 2013. Williams is ordered to appear in Sacramento Superior Court on June 14 to prove he’s enrolled in the required community service.

Williams was originally arrested for avoiding police in a low-speed motorcycle chase back in November. He was later arrested for failing to appear in court and given a $100,500 bail.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz