katt williams probation target assault gi Katt Williams sentenced to probation after attacking Target employeeAfter a string of bizarre run-ins with the law in late 2012, troubled comedian Katt Williams is finally facing the music for some of his strange behavior.

Williams pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge on Monday (Aug. 19) in response to a Nov. 25 incident in which he struck a Target employee in Woodland, CA, a local CBS website reports. He was sentenced to one year of informal probation and ordered to stay away from the Woodland Target. Additionally, he was levied with a 10-year firearms prohibition and a $200 fine.

A video of the incident surfaced on TMZ, showing Williams attack the 19-year-old security worker at the store after trying to buy the worker’s motorcycle helmet. “He approached me, the argument got escalated, and that’s when he hit me,” Forrest Liebenberg, the employee, says.

Williams’ hit caused Liebenberg’s face to swell, but that wasn’t the worst of what happened to him. He says that a few hours after the video was posted on YouTube, he was fired without explanation.

The incident was only part of a bout of odd behavior on Williams part at the end of last year. He was arrested in Oakland on Nov. 14 for allegedly hitting a man with a bottle, was involved in a police chase in Sacramento just after the Nov. 25 Target incident, and was arrested in Seattle on Dec. 2 for flicking a cigarette in a woman’s face.

Posted by:Billy Nilles