Katy-Perry-Russell-Brand.jpgWhen this week’s “Saturday Night Live” host Katy Perry needed advice on her performance, she had the perfect person to turn to. Her husband Russell Brand recently hosted the show and told her exactly what to expect.

In an interview with MTV News, Perry said, “I’ve only ever hosted, like, dinner parties and birthday parties. This
is a bit more than that. It’s not as
intimidating when you get here because it’s a bit smaller than it looks
on TV, and I’m up for a challenge, for something new. I love to be
challenged … I married Russell Brand.”

Brand hosted the show back in February and had lots to tell her. “My husband, of course, every day I call him and I’m like ‘this
happened’ and he’s like, ‘I know what that means and here’s the next
play-by-play for tomorrow,’ so he’s gotten me really prepared for this
week, thankfully.”

As for what we’re going to see, Perry said, “Well, you’re gonna see some Hello Kitty, some cockney accents, maybe,
and some me flubbing my lines, probably laughing out loud at Kristen Wiig, ’cause she’s amazing,”

She said that her obsession with Wiig is pretty intense. “It’s a bit stalkerish ’cause last time I was here, I Twittered that I
would like a lock of Kristen Wiig’s hair so that I can put it under my
pillow every night. And she read it and she actually
gave me a card with a lock of her hair with a tiny blue bow in it. …
Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed.”
We totally understand, Katy.

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