Katy Perry has her hands full interviewing the notoriously difficult designer Karl Lagerfeld after his collection in Paris.

And it's her first time interviewing anyone.

Herr Karl corrects the poor girl about metal versus leather, tells her he hates Sundays, can't answer her question about who else would he want to be and says Lily Allen (her competitor) best describes him in her song "It's Not Me, It's You." 

Oh, and he thinks she's only a size 2 and did a good job "for a beginner."

"Hot N Cold" Katy is thrilled with his meager praise and sweetly promises to wear one of those metal (sorry, silver leather) outfits to the MTV Europe Music Awards on Nov. 5 in Berlin.

Might want to pick a designer who is a little more appreciative, Katy. 

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead