katy perry nath Katy Perry pierced her nose for her Saturday wedding?Katy Perry is a “California Gurl.” But she’s reportedly having a very traditional Indian wedding — henna hand tattoos, nose ring chain and white horse — this Saturday.

The Daily Mail reports that Katy (with fiance Russell Brand) arrived at the Jaipur airport on Wednesday (Oct 20) and Katy was already sporting the Indian bridal nose ring called a nath.

]]>Rihanna will be Katy’s maid of honor. There will also be fireworks, a band and live music from hip-hop star P Diddy. And in traditional Hindu style, Russell will reportedly arrivie on a white horse. So that’s where that came from! Just checking out the Hindu vows to be made by the husband, we’re already liking India’s wedding vows better than ours: I will consider my wife to be The better half. I will look after her just as I look after myself. Accepting her as in-charge of the my home, I shall plan things in consultation with her. I will never express dissatisfaction about any shortcomings in my wife. If there are any, I will explain them to her lovingly. I will support her in overcoming them. I will always have faith in my wife. I will never look at another woman with wrong intent, nor have an illicit relationship. I will be affectionate and treat my wife like a friend. I’ll bring home all my income to my wife. The household expenses will be incurred with her consent. I will always make an effort to ensure her comfort and happiness. I will not find fault or critical my wife before others. We will sort out our differences and mistakes in privacy by ourselves. I will have a courteous and tolerant attitude towards my wife. I will always follow a compromising policy. If my wife is unwell, or is unable to fulfill some of the responsibilities or through some misunderstanding behaves wrongly, I will not withdraw support or refuse to fulfill my responsibilities towards her Anyone else for a traditional Indian wedding? Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Photo credit: Getty Images

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead