katy perry wide awake video Katy Perry releases 'Wide Awake' video: Watch now and tell us what you think!Katy Perry isn’t particularly subtle when it comes to her video concepts — anyone who has seen her making out with an Abercrombie model on a beach or with her breasts concealed by two whipped-cream cupcake tops could attest to that. Her latest video offering, for “Wide Awake,” is no different.

The video begins with the end of her video shoot for “California Gurls,” the lead single from Teenage Dream — the album that launched her from pop star to pop icon. After the director calls cut, Perry goes through the looking glass, and we see a darker, more grown-up version of her as she begins to sing “Wide Awake.”

The song, which Perry debuted at the Billboard Awards, was written to promote Perry’s new film, “Part of Me.” Perry called it her “personal most intimate song.”

In the clip, Perry meets her inner child, and then, overwhelmed by paparazzi, finds herself wheelchair-bound in a hospital and reliant on the more innocent version of herself to make an escape… into a labyrinth, where we finally see more of Perry’s signature bright colors and silly creatures. Perhaps the most obvious symbolism in the video is the moment when Prince Charming crosses his fingers behind his back as he’s about to lean in for a kiss. Knowing better now, though, Perry punches him.

In the end, she rises up to a stage — conveniently ready to being the “Part of Me” film that hits theaters on July 5.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie