We love pretty much everything about Katy Perry. From her dependably catchy singles to the almost endearing way she markets her sexuality to children, there’s nearly no fault to be found.

But she has developed an Achilles’ heel, her love for one Rebecca Black.

Covering her tune “Friday” on tour and letting her co-star in one of her own music videos, Perry has helped the once-mock-able teenager make the jump from infamous to ubiquitous over just a few months. Now she’s inescapable.

Launching a second single, appearing at red carpet premieres and even winning a Teen Choice Awards, Black has somehow become a star in her own right.

And Katy Perry clearly relishes it. At the recent Los Angeles stop of her “California Dreams” tour, Perry had Black come out on stage for a duet of “Friday.” And it didn’t seem at all ironic. What gives, Katy?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell