divas katy Katy Perry takes the cleavage down a notch; Tony Parker files for divorceWhen she saw herself on the poster for the upcoming VH1 special “Divas Support the Troops,” Katy Perry asked for some changes to be made. Surprisingly enough, the pop star – who was famously cut from “Sesame Street” for showing Elmo too much cleavage – asked the network to tone down the image. “I was the one who asked VH1 to tone down my DIGITALIZED image on the poster, particularly the size of my chest…& I don’t have handlers… but someone @VH1 offices is a gossipmonger & thought they could use a little extra press planting the story,” Perry tweeted when the story leaked.

After Eva Longoria filed for divorce in Los Angeles, her soon-to-be-ex Tony Parker filed his own papers in Texas. His petition blames “discord or conflict of personalities” for the split. (Yeah – sounds like there was one too many “personalities” in the marriage.) Longoria and Parker did sign a pre-nup, and Parker’s papers assert, “Petitioner believes Petitioner and Respondent will enter into an agreement for the division of their estate” Here’s hoping it’s quick and as painless as possible. [TMZ]

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are having a grand old time sunning themselves in Brazil… in character. Photogs snapped pictures of the pair filming for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” in a waterfall. K-Stew was wearing a cute white bikini, and Pattinson had on red swim trunks, but strangely, he wasn’t rocking any body glitter. Guess that gets added later on? [People]

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie