Ah the life of a rock star — no, wait — ah, the life of a campaigning president. Barack Obama wrapped up his appearance on “The Tonight Show” and quickly jetted to Las Vegas for a command performance by Katy Perry.

The New York Daily News reports the “Waking Up in Vegas” singer clothed herself in a skintight latex ballot dress, flaunting her choice for president as she took the stage at an Obama campaign rally, performing her hit songs and encouraging the crowd to vote early.

“Don’t wait; go tomorrow,” says the pop star. “How many of you guys are 18 in here? Let’s do this tomorrow.”

Obama took the stage to tell Katy’s screaming fans he planned to pull “an all-nighter.” ABC News reports the president would fly Air Force One overnight to a morning campaign event in Florida. “If you’re not gonna sleep, you might as well be in Vegas,” says Obama.

The race between Obama and Mitt Romney in the swing state of Nevada is said to be a toss-up, with some polls showing Obama holding on to a slim lead. In the past, Obama has been criticized by the likes of Sen. Harry Reid for discouraging tourism to Las Vegas during difficult economic times.

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