It took less than a day for plagiarism allegations to start flying at Katy Perry in regards to her newest single, “Roar.” The song leaked early on the Internet, and listeners felt it was too similar to Sara Baeilles‘ recent hit “Brave.”

That song has been out since May, and it doesn’t help Perry’s case that she admitted to being a fan of “Brave” upon its release. “I heart you @Sarabareilles,” Perry tweeted on May 15, along with a video of the single.

For her part, Bareilles doesn’t seem to hold any ill will. Not long after the “Roar” backlash began, Bareilles tweeted, “All love, everybody. All love,” with a whole bunch of hearts. Do you think that “Roar” is a ripoff of “Brave”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz