The whole “Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian” shtick isn’t exactly new and original… but we certainly haven’t heard it from k.d. Lang yet, so we’re going to call this newsworthy.

Lang recently appeared on “Rove LA” alongside actors L.L. Cool J and Michael C. Hall. (We suppose it was an initial-themed evening.) When asked if The Biebster is “hot or not,” Lang had this to say:

“You know what? Justin Bieber looks just like a lesbian. So I’m gonna say hot as s***!”

LL found this answer so overwhelming he tipped over in his chair.

If Bieber seems like a strange topic of conversation to bring up to Lang, it’s because it was part of the “Random Question Hat” game. The game also spurred Hall to admit that he frequently urinates in the shower. “Have I ever not peed in the shower?” he wonders. “It’s a great disinfectant.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie