Ke$ha has debuted her latest music video — “Crazy Kids,” featuring, which is the third single off “Warrior,” her third studio album.

In the video, Ke$ha is rocking a blinged-out hoodie, cornrows and a pink bustier, plus her signature gold grill, then later there is a lot of gold brocade and some shirtless old men with long beards.

The video, which features the lyrics “I’m fresher than that Gucci
/ Them boys, they want my coochie
/ I say no, I’m no hootchie
/ Your homegirl hatin’, I say who she?
/ Ke$ha don’t give two f***s /
I came to start that ruckus
/ And ya wanna party with us
/ Cause we crazy mothaf***as,” goes on to show Ke$ha rocking out at a house party, holding court with her pitbulls and then shows up as a crazy astronaut hologram.


Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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