kesha baby g halloween penis suit gi Ke$ha is dressing up as a giant penis for Halloween (of course she is)In case you were wondering, Ke$ha is dressing up as a penis for Halloween. The reason she chose said costume? She’s already got a penis suit lying around the house. (Of course she does.)

“Honestly? My assistant sometimes, when I’m sad, dresses like a giant penis. I haven’t really had time to go find a Halloween costume so I just think I’m going to be a giant penis.”

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The singer announced her plans at a press conference introducing the newest watch she designed for Baby-G, a collaboration that seemed very natural considering she’s always been a fan of designing her own clothes and her debut single was called “Tik Tok.”

She loved Casio keyboards, too, so “it was kind of a really natural collaboration between me with ‘Tik Tok’ and me making watches with a brand I’ve always loved and used.”

Ke$ha’s newest album, “Warrior,” is scheduled to come out on Dec. 4, and information on her watches is available at the Baby G website.

Posted by:Jean Bentley