keith olbermann espn 2 Keith Olbermann returns to ESPN   what did you think?Keith Olbermann returned to ESPN for his new show, “Olbermann,” the first show the pundit has done for the sports TV networks since 1997, when he wrapped up co-hosting “Sports Center” for the previous five years.

What did you think?

Olbermann kicked off the hour by doing an anchor-style talking head about the top news stories of the day but giving his opinion instead of simply reporting on the news. Rex Ryan was the head topic, with Olbermann lambasting the media for their fervor over Ryan playing Sanchez Saturday

“Reporting is dead, long live making something out of nothing,” declares Olbermann, talking about a New York Daily News article that opines Ryan’s job is in jeopardy without citing any kind of source. “Did you know some sports stories are made up? Gosh, I know! I’m shocked! Shocked to discover gambling is going on here!”

Did Aaron Sorkin write Olbermann’s opening?

He goes on to talk about how Will Smith is out for the season — the New Orleans Saints’ Will Smith, not the actor. BUt he takes that opportunity to clarify that the Smith family reaction was to Lady Gaga and not Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Thanks for clearing that up, Keith.

Olbermann spent nearly a quarter of his hour on the Rex Ryan thing before moving to the guest portion of the evening, welcoming ESPN’s Jason Whitlock to … continue talking about the Rex Ryan story.

At the half-way point, Olbermann goes into a “Keith Lights” segment, which shows clips from the day in sports, including several “Bad News Bears”-esque clips from the Kansas City Royals-Tampa Bay Rays game this afternoon. Olbermann gives his typical fast-paced patter calling the highlights. He was always quite good at that.

However, we don’t think we’ll be setting our DVR every night for 11 p.m. ET on ESPN2. Will you?

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