keith richards mick jagger mar 2008 gi Keith Richards sorry for Mick Jagger 'todger' remark, among other thingsIt’s not really expected that Rolling Stones member Keith Richard and historical pharmaceutical repository would remember and be held accountable for everything he’s said. But things he’s written are a bit of a different story.

In his 2010 autobiography “Life,” amidst tale after tale of fast living and bad behavior, Richards chronicled singer Mick Jagger‘s transition into a controlling tyrant. He also took time to make note that Jagger is in possession of a “tiny todger.” While calling out Jagger’s manhood — or lack thereof — was not a major plot point of “Life,” it definitely hit home … as did the bit about Jagger’s ego becoming so swollen that “it wouldn’t fit through the doorway.”

“In the 1980s, for instance, Keith and I were not communicating very well,” Jagger shares during production of a documentary about the band’s 50 years. “I got very involved with the business side of the Stones, mainly because I felt no one else was interested, but it’s plain now from [‘Life’] that Keith felt excluded, which is a pity.”

For his part, Richards admits that parts of the book were “raw” and were designed to be so, but that he probably shouldn’t have extended that rawness to include his bandmate.

“I know that some parts of it — and some of the publicity — really offended Mick and I regret that.”

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