nicole kidman keith urban getty Keith Urban to have throat surgery

After the news that Adele has to undergo throat surgery, we have another story about a singer who may have overdone it. Country music star Keith Urban (husband to Nicole Kidman) has to get some of his own to remove a polyp from his vocal chords.

Urban was put on vocal rest back in February. Since then he’s canceled concerts and other engagements, but according to USA Today, the rest wasn’t enough, and the problem persists. His doctors have ordered him to undergo surgery and have put him on vocal rest for an unspecified amount of time.

Urban has canceled major concerts and events with multiple songs, but intends to keep his commitments that consist of a single song up until the surgery. Keith, speaking as someone who’s had one of these things before, that’s probably not a good idea. These surgeries are usually pretty risk-free, but keep Julie Andrews in mind. (Andrews’ vocal chords were damaged by failed vocal surgery in 1997.) Don’t push it and get well soon.

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