kell-on-earth-recap-andrew-bravo.jpgIt was Andrew mania on this episode of “Kell On Earth” as the pressure has gotten too much for poor Stefanie Skinner to handle and Andrew M. is dispatched to assist her. Meanwhile, Andrew S. is sinking fast.

Andrew M. got paper
The office ran out of paper and that simple event has given Kelly a revelation. She realized that the communication problems in the office have gone to pot. Andrew M. was in charge of the supplies. In the wake of this event, Kelly tells us a little about Andrew M.’s background. The boy comes from money. Good for him.

In order to avoid having to deal with the paper running out again for a while, Andrew buys 20 boxes of paper. Kelly’s take? She says Andrew’s reaction to things is “go large.” Hah!

It seems that it’s “pick on the Andrews” day at People’s Revolution (PR). Robyn is definitely getting on Andrew S.’s case. It seems clear that he doesn’t really like her, but he’s trying to hold on. Still, he wonders if the experience of working at PR is worth all the torture. Later, he says Robyn may just need to get laid. That’s Andrew S. being classy again.

Andrew M. decides to have a party and he clearly has “Ab Fab” tastes. He had room for one chair in his NYC pad, so he got an ornate Versace chair. That’s one luck booty.

Come to Jesus meeting
Kelly has rounded up the main staff to discuss what’s going on in the office. She feels some are giving everything they have to their work while others aren’t. Skinner is burning herself out and the recession has hit PR hard. Hiring more people isn’t an option. They’ve decided to have Andrew M. assist Stefanie most of the week (in addition to assisting Kelly).

Andrew does not heart PR
Andrew wants to be a designer. While he loves working at PR, he’s unsure he wants to be a publicist. Since Kelly likes him so much, it seems she wants to find ways to entice him to stay on for a while. And for Andrew, that means being at fashion shows.

Currently, PR is doing a look-book for a new line of affordable dresses. Kelly has placed Andrew M. on the project, thinking it would be a good experience for him.  The extra work, though, may just chase him away.

No Walmart
Kelly’s mom calls every day to speak to Ava. She sounds so sweet! When she mentions she’s going to Walmart, though, both Kelly and Ava try to convince her it’s an awful place. Hah! Ava said she can’t believe her grandma shops at Walmart, “the enemy of Target.”

Smell the flowers, hit on cute boys
Kelly, Robyn and Emily decide to get out of the office and decompact from the stress with a stroll around the neighborhood. As they’re chilling on the street, Robyn nabs her a cute skater kid. Fresh off the boat, he just arrived in New York City four days before. That’s what I love about New York. Opportunity is literally around every corner. He walked away with an invite to some fashion shows and Robyn may be getting that lay Andrew S. says she needs.

Andrew M.’s big day
The look-book shoot has arrived and Andrew gets his first real sense of what it’s like to assist both Kelly and Stefanie at the event. Kelly, of course, just barks out orders. That’s her style. Stefanie is softer-spoken, but she thinks in long to-do lists, so I can see how that’s overwhelming.

In the end, Kelly is impressed by Andrew’s job on the day of the shoot. Points for Andrew M.! Kelly makes a deal with the devil to keep Andrew. She says if he’ll stay for eight months, she’ll get him a job with Rick Owens, his dream designer.

Meanwhile, Andrew S. continues to have problems with Robyn and he admits that he considers quitting every day. I feel bad for him, but I really am not Team Andrew S. I can’t figure out why he bothers me. It could be his orange oompa-loompa tan, his annoying voice and his lowbrow sense of humor. I guess I do know why he bothers me.

kell on earth recap kelly cutrone bravo 'Kell on Earth': Andrew rouletteThe mad hatter
Kelly brings Andrew M. to visit a new client, Stephen Jones, who designs hats. I love watching everyone sit around in fabulous hats. It’s just hilarious. Andrew M. falls in love with a simple felt crown, but it’s a one of a kind. It’s clear Kelly is seducing Andrew M. with every tool in her arsenal. We don’t blame her.

Who says thanks in fashion?
Kelly sits with her dress clients to discuss how the look-book will be designed. In the process, she describes the perfect client. It’s surprisingly simple: One that pays on time and says thank you. That shouldn’t be so hard, right? Kelly says it is.

Come to momma
Kelly gets word that Andrew S. is in a pickle. He’s leaving for a preplanned and preapproved trip to California, but the office is already so understaffed. Kelly is not sure what to do, but he’s leaving regardless. Also, the skateboarder comes by and takes Robyn out. Andrew S. watches the whole thing go down with contempt. Later, he says it made him sick. Wow.

As he’s leaving for the night, Andrew M. says bye to Andrew S. and jokes that maybe he’ll luck out and they’ll fire him while he’s gone. When Andrew responds positively to the suggestion, Andrew M. realizes that Andrew S. may be on his way out and not just on a trip to Cali.

All in The Addams Family
Andrew M. decides to have a dinner party and enlists his mother in getting the party together. It’s an Addams Family themed party and he’s very excited about it. But later when Andrew leaves, Stefanie isn’t happy he’s leaving so early. She has loads of work to do and feels Andrew should have stayed.

As the night continues, Stefanie is two hours late for Andrew’s dinner party and he’s not happy about it. When Stefanie finally arrives, they still don’t see eye to eye. She feels they should have started without her and he feels she should have left work earlier. It’s clear, though, that Stefanie’s workload and her relationship with Kelly are different than his. Also, he could have stayed a bit later and taken on some more work, so that Stefanie could have left earlier.

Meanwhile, Kelly, Robyn and Emily are having their own intimate dinner out. Their waiter ends up being really hot and they decide that he should replace skater boy, who has since moved back to Seattle.

One more down
When Monday comes around, the word spreads that Andrew S. had quit over the weekend. That was the last thing the office needed and it’s clear that his work will have to move to Andrew M.’s plate, who’s already feeling that he has enough work from assisting Skinner. Something tells me the office is in for a very rocky period.


“This kid has been living, as my grandma used to say, with his a** on a tub of butter.” – Kelly on Andrew M.’s wealthy upbringing.

“Let’s not be so scared of the abundance we’ve created.” – Kelly on how the office should pull together and manage the work they’ve earned for themselves.

“I realize how ridiculous it is. It’s 10 o’clock in the morning, we’re all wearing $3,000 hats, we’re drinking like $20 cappuccino and we’re talking about the most ridiculous s*** in the world. But, this is what you have to do in this business. You can’t make that stuff up.” – Describing the hilarious meeting with Stephen Jones.

Is anyone sad Andrew S
. is gone?

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