kell on earth bravo love hangover main 'Kell On Earth': Big girls cry outsideOn this episode of “Kell on Earth,” the People’s Revolution is back together again after the senior team’s London trip and the loss of Elide and Stephanie Vorhees, but things are still a bit rocky.

Kelly’s European-type relationship
We join Kelly and her baby daddy as they wake up from their night of lovin’ and she rushes off to their last show at London Fashion Week for designer Jeremy Scott. It’s a Flintstones-themed fashion show and I’m diggin’ it. Kelly and the crew are responsible for all aspects of the show. They even play security guard protecting one-of-a-kind bags Jeremy makes for those who sit in the front rows! That’s full-service for yah! The fashion show starts with Kelly at the helm and it goes without a hitch.

After the Jeremy Scott show, Kelly and the crew go to check out some of the designers who are showing during the week by their client, The British Fashion Council. As Kelly is walking by, a designer calls her over to get advice on her jewelry designs. That designer should be careful what she asks for. Kelly basically rearranged her table and told her to remove the stuff people could get on the street for five bucks. Ouch! Well, she asked for Kelly’s advice.

At dinner later, she says goodbye to her baby daddy and their European-type relationship for now…

Skinner holding it together
Meanwhile at People’s Revolution, Stefanie Skinner and the rest of the skeleton crew are running the office without senior management and after Stephanie Vorhees and Elide left. Then, Andrew Serrano and Skinner get an email from Emily basically telling them that they weren’t getting the prep done for an upcoming show. Of course, they’re both overwhelmed and Skinner doesn’t take well to the negative email. Then, the office goes into hyper-speed trying to finish up the to-do list. While Andrew seems in good spirits, Skinner is racked with nerves.

When the senior team returns to the office, they totally bombard poor Skinner. She has been “Vorheesed” and Vorhees isn’t even there!

Kelly’s tome
Kelly describes her book deal and how it came about. She describes how she arrived in New York with $2000, and then landed a job as an assistant. The project is getting on her nerves, because she just wants it done. She describes how she used to work PR all day and club all night, but she did both with equal exuberance.

Give and you shall receive
Kelly has realized that Skinner has a lot on her plate. While she’s sympathetic, she also thinks Skinner brings it upon herself when she doesn’t delegate. Kelly tries to show her how she can avoid getting so stressed out by delegating. To Skinner’s credit, she’s really trying to absorb the advice.

Do you know what a rabbit is?
The receptionist at Kelly’s doctor’s office asked her if she would buy a vibrator for her. She hadn’t had sex in years, wanted one, but she was too embarrassed to buy it herself. It’s kind of sweet isn’t it? Kelly going out of her way to help some old lady get her “O” on? By the way, Andrew S. asked Kelly to get him some lube, so she does – a $28 bottle of lube! When she gets there, she hands it off and Andrew S. whose skin color is a bit oompa loompa prepares for a date!

The server
Emily begins to try to get to the bottom of where her reports are, but Skinner can’t prioritize her with the other senior managers, including Kelly, believing that their projects should take precedence. While Emily just pummels poor Skinner, the girl just can’t take it and asks to go outside. She then breaks down and calls Kelly, who goes into mom mode, tries to figure out what’s going on.  While she feels for Skinner, she believes that she does have something to learn from a publicist as good as Emily. Emily would rather not deal with the emotions at work. When Skinner returns, Emily helps her prioritize her work and delegate.

Date cheese
Andrew S. goes out on a date and he couldn’t be any worse at it. Andrew, icebreakers belong at sales conventions not on dates. Um, and next time you wonder how talk went to sex, maybe you shouldn’t play a word association game and say the word dildo. Duh. Then, the best thing happens (well, for us anyway). Kelly and Andrew M. came in to the restaurant and they sat down at their table just because they wanted to entertain themselves. Love it.

Ina event
PR throws a party to celebrate the opening of their client’s new store, Ina Men. The turnout is great, but they run out of the sponsored tequila and people begin to leave as they wait. Emily decides to stop standing around and begins to work the crowd, taking the attention off the lack of alcohol. While Emily successfully keeps the editors and Ina talking, Skinner watches, appreciates and learns from the situation. In the end, the client considered the event a success despite the little alcohol hiccup.

Strike a pose
Kelly, looking rather gorgeous during her photo shoot for her book cover. She snags renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark to shoot the cover for her. It’s sweet when Ava joins her and Kelly says that the book is also written for her, so that it can contain all the wisdom she’d like to leave with her. Awww.


  • “A collection is a sentence, not your life story.” – On the necessary editing when showing a collection.

  • “Every time I turn around, it’s another Indian Bazaar.” – After totally re-merchandising the designer’s area, Kelly finds more.

  • “I’m trying to train skinner to be a winner.” – On why she’s so hard on Skinner

  • “It’s kind of like asking Rembrandt to paint your bedroom.” – On Mary Ellen Mark shooting her book cover.

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