Kelly-Cutrone-Bravo-Kell-on-Earth-Head.jpgIt looks like the “People’s Revolution” has taken root over at Bravo. The network has released a rough clip from “Kell on Earth,” Kelly Cutrone’s new reality show.

It’s out of character for the network that’s known for its keen use of high quality web video in supplementing its show content. It could be a very measured PR move with it’s low quality, visible time code and Kelly’s F-bombs intact. Consider yourself warned.

Typically, Kelly Cutrone is the one doing the shocking, but the video has apparently even shocked her.

“Oh my god,” tweets Cutrone, the owner of the PR and branding company People’s Revolution. “They left the f bomb in!! My mom just called after seeing it.”

The clip shows Cutrone and her team working up to the last minute before New York Fashion Week. If this is just a bit of what we’re to expect from “Kell on Earth,” we’re hooked.

Check out the uncensored video below:

What do you think? PR antic or not, doesn’t the video leave you wanting more?

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Kelly Cutrone describes Bravo’s ‘Kell on Earth’
‘Kell on Earth’ Kelly Cutrone drops the F bomb on live TV. Hosts are not amused

Photo Credit: Billy Farrell / PatrickMcMullanCo

Posted by:Jethro Nededog