Kelly-Cutrone-Andrew-Mukamal-Kell-on-Earth-Bravo-320.jpgImagine having cameras shooting you during your second week on the job. Now, imagine that your job is at People’s Revolution and you’re the “Queen of Mean” Kelly Cutrone’s assistant. That was Andrew Mukamal’s reality on Bravo’s “Kell of Earth.”

“This is the real People’s Revolution,” says Mukamal when we asked him about the difference between shooting the Bravo show and MTV’s “The City.”

When Cutrone discovered him, Mukamal had already interned at Esquire and Vogue Russia. He had lived in Paris, the fashion holy land, and he was freelancing for New York stylists. But can anything really prepare you for working with Kelly Cutrone?

Recently, we talked to Mukamal about landing the job with Cutrone, life as a reality star and why women are jealous of him.

How did you get the job as Kelly’s assistant?
It was while I was working one day and I just came into People’s Revolution to do a pick up. Kelly spotted me from across the office and started asking me a few questions. Next thing I know, she was saying that they’re hiring. It was really kind of a right place at the right time moment.

Kelly says you were a good change from the blond girls who interviewed for the job. Why do you think she was drawn to you?
Kelly likes to say she’s psychic. She definitely reads energy. I think she saw me and I’m not that easy to miss. I’m pretty tall and have a look, which gets you some attention walking into a fashion office. I think she saw a lot of girls who would give anything they can and I wasn’t really throwing myself at it. Of course, I’m going to jump at it, but I don’t think she could smell that I was so needy.

Bravo started shooting in your second week of work at People’s Revolution. What can we expect from you as the season progresses?
You see in the show my relationship with everybody, Kelly especially, you watch that develop and grow. So from the first episode to the eighth episode, you’ll see a very different character in the office in terms of how comfortable I am with my surroundings and everybody.

What do you say when people ask you if the show is fake?
It’s so real. They edit down three months to eight hours, so of course you’re going to get exaggerated highlights. It was kind of what was happening. Definitely not fake in any way.

What side of Kelly do you see that the viewers may not?
She’s the best. You couldn’t ask for a better boss. Of course, she’s demanding and she wants things when she wants them and how she wants them. At the same time, there’s nothing but love. It’s a lot of reading Kelly and understanding that nothing is personal.

In the pilot, Kelly delegates the RSVP phone line to you. Being so new, was it hard to say that you were swamped?
I’m like honest to a flaw. If I really feel like I’m being overwhelmed and too many things are being thrown at me, I’d rather just tell you right now, then deal with the repercussions tomorrow. During Fashion Week, I was doing a bunch of s**t I’ve never done before. I was just learning and I wanted to make that clear. I speak my mind, I guess.

Stefanie Skinner took some blame for you on the RSVP thing. What is your relationship with her now?
Me and Skinner, we’re a pair. We’re like a pack of Oreos. She’s like my
best friend. I guess you’ll watch that happen on the show.

Was there any point in time during the filming when you thought you were going to be fired?
No, there was a lot more of Kelly thinking I was going to quit, then me thinking I was going to get fired. Just in terms of the hours. You see me looking exhausted, because I am. That’s just what happens when you’re prepping for Fashion week and you’ve been in the office for 25 days and you don’t have a day off. You don’t have time to think about your own well-being. You’re just a machine.

Andrew-Mukamal-kell-On-Earth-2-Bravo-320.jpgHow do you feel about being pegged as the goth guy?
Right now, Bravo is going to paint this picture of me as the king of goth or whatever. At this moment, that’s kind of the vibe that I’m hinting at. I haven’t dressed this way forever. I kind of change up what I wear a lot. I really kind of study the trends and collections. It’s not as much what’s hot right now, but what I want to be wearing right now. So, the whole goth thing is a funny grand title I’ve gotten. You wear a lot of jewelry and you wear black, I guess people think you’re goth. I don’t listen to that kind of music or anything like that. I’m still jamming out to Gaga at my desk.

It was funny to see Kelly try to hook you up with some guy. Is there going to be a lot more matchmaking going forward?
You see that in the first episode, but I can’t imagine it being a real big part of it. Kelly was pretty unsuccessful at being my pimp. Things didn’t really blossom with that in front of the cameras.

Do you think a lot of women are going to be jealous of your hair?
A lot of women are already really jealous of my hair. [Laughs] Can you hear my coworkers making fun of me?

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