kell-on-earth-recap-tough-times-bravo.jpgOn “Kell On Earth,” Kelly Cutrone and the People’s Revolution crew deal with the realities of the a bad economy and having a job that’s also a lifestyle.

Pay up
Kelly shows the unglamorous side of running a fashion PR firm. First things first: Get paid. I love that Kelly pays her mom’s rent and phone bill! On the other side, though, Kelly has to bring in some money, too. She’s on the rampage and she has decided that taking some clients to court is the only solution.

Time to replace Voranno (Stephanie Vorhees / Andrew Serrano, get it?)
Robyn brings in Mallory to interview for an account executive spot – killing two birds with one stone. Plus, poor Stefanie Skinner is going to blow soon. Mallory seemed to do well in the interview, then Kelly walked in. She was cleaning up the office and then Robyn invited her to sit down. Of course, Kelly gave a different picture of the company. She basically called it bizarre and chaotic, but the office of the future. I don’t know what I’d make of that combination if I were interviewing for a job. The funny part is that it’s the truth. It was hilarious when Kelly mentions that her hiring privileges were revoked after she meditated in an interview. By the way, I now know why Andrew hired that intern on the spot. Robyn just did the same for Mallory.

Later when Robyn and Kelly chat about Mallory, Kelly mentions that Mallory is asking for a 70 grand salary. They don’t sound like that’s in the cards, but we’ll have to see.

A few days later, though, Robyn discovers that Mallory has made New York Post’s gossip column, Page Six. Mallory, the woman who Robyn was going to hire, was arrested for stealing almost $100,000 in jewelry from a previous client. Oh well, time to hit the stack of resumes again. While the office laughs it up, Skinner can see she won’t be getting any help anytime soon.

Robyn then meets with another possible candidate, Grace. She has good PR agency background and seems to understand that it’s a lifestyle, not just a job. Robyn, once again, thinks she would be a good hire.

On Grace’s first day, she says she wants to establish herself as someone who gets results. That day, Andrew and Skinner are trying to figure out how to clear out the second floor, because Kelly has rented it out. There was a lot of stuff on that floor and it looks impossible to get rid of all the clothing and accessories. The whole office gets in on it, but then they realize that Grace had left. It turns out that when she asked Skinner if she needed help, Skinner said she didn’t and Grace left. When Kelly finds out, she’s livid. Why would Skinner tell Grace she didn’t need help when obviously she did?

Skinner’s boy!
Poor hardworking Skinner showed us her apartment. It’s so bare and tiny. I’ve lived in New York and it looks pretty correct to me. The sad part, though, is just how bare it is, though it makes sense. She’s at work all the time! Then we meet Alano, Skinner’s boyfriend. It’s nice to see Skinner relax and cook breakfast with him. Then, Skinner recounts the story of how they got together. She already had a boyfriend, but she saw Alano from across the room and had to meet him. She slipped her number to him right under her then boyfriend’s nose! Needless to say, she broke up with the old boyfriend! Scandalous! Who would have thought Skinner had that in her?

kell on earth recap alano stefanie bravo 'Kell On Earth': Fashion hurtsA few days later, she gets out of the office early and meets Alano for drinks. During their date, Stefanie begins texting for work and Alano isn’t happy about it. And then, they see Emily across the street and Stefanie invites her over. Poor Alano. Now he has two workaholics and no personal time with his girlfriend.

Kell’s time ain’t free
George Wayne from Vanity Fair asks People’s Revolution to handle an event for him as a favor, but they have less than a week. He wants the mayor to come, so Michelle started typing an email to her friend in the mayor’s office to see if he can. George sees her and throws a diva tantrum that doesn’t go over well with her, especially when he has come to them asking for a favor.

Meanwhile, Ava’s friend’s uncle calls Kelly for some advice. She promptly tells him that she’s handling a million things and he needs to make an appointment. Cue Andrew, who takes the phone and tries to schedule the guy in. Kelly then goes off on how her time isn’t free.

Back to George Wayne who is asking for a lot of work on an event less than a week away and doesn’t want to spend a penny. They decide it’s up to Kelly.

When they brief Kelly, she’s pretty clear. They aren’t doing any favors for anyone. When it comes to telling George Wayne the news, Michelle is more than happy to break it to him.

Kelly going back to Cali
At the same time, Kelly is planning a trip to Los Angeles to find some new lifestyle brands to rep.

Before she gets ready to leave for the L.A. office, Kelly spends the evening hanging with her daughter, Ava. The next day, she packs at the last minute (her usual habit) and it’s funny how she thrives on the feeling of being in that crazed moment.

In L.A., Kelly meets with a guy who creates this thing called “My Studio.” It’s a booth that can be placed in malls where people can create videos of themselves.

Without Kelly around, the mice will play. Andrew and Skinner goof around with a Givenchy spiked headband. Alano stops by and she has to turn him away, since she’s working. Andrew is totally her gay boyfriend. Poor Alano.

Back in L.A., Kelly hooks up with her friend, Rick Ross, who is a music producer at the label Delicious Vinyl. He shows her Freak City, which is his retail store/event space. Kelly tells him she’ll work her contacts for him.

When Ava calls her, it’s clear Kelly misses her. She also knows that all the hard work and time spent away from Ava has provided the life they have. She then visits her L.A. office and finds out that the office is hurting for clients. When an intern questions Kelly for a project, she has a bleak outlook on the economy and the fashion business. Basically, it ain’t cute and it won’t be cute for a while. Wow. Depressing.

Later, Alano breaks up with Skinner. Didn’t see that coming! (insert sarcasm) when Kelly finds out, she goes mama bear on Stefanie. But, what can Kelly do or say? She’s like three times the workaholic Skinner is!

Next episode: Season finale and Kelly is doing the ugly cry! Can’t wait.

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