Kell-on-Earth-Bravo-London-320.jpgIn “Kell on Earth,” two employees fall victim to the Peoples Revolution and Kelly takes her act on the road.

Stephanie Vorhees is feeling overwhelmed and, per usual, has no idea how to prioritize or effectively delegate her tasks to interns. That sends Kelly into a tirade on how the owners should be sitting pretty, not the junior staff.

Alternative transportation
People’s Revolution is throwing an event for their client, Alternative Apparel (AA), outside of the city and she doesn’t have time to drive. So, how does Kelly get there? Helicopter! For AA, the company has planned some post fashion-week bashes outside the city.

Thick as thieves
Back at the office, the assistants have to deal with a faulty printer and Andrew Mukamal explains how he warmed up to Andrew Serrano, his much gayer, tanner, more flaming coworker of the same name, through the challenges they’ve shared at PR. By the way, Andrew S. has two Britney Spears-related tattoos. Nuff’ said.

At the AA event, some guy stole some alcohol from the AA bar and it makes the New York Post Page Six column. It turns out one of the assistants, Elide, was hanging with the culprit. Elide was drinking too much at the event and she should have picked her drinking partners better. Robyn is beyond embarrassed and angry. PR, I think a lie detector should be used in any future job interviews.

Kelly and Ava have a night out at a Jonas Brothers concert and Kelly’s partners are left to “lower the boom” on Elide. Of course Skinner sees the point in the termination, and clueless Vorhees doesn’t.

Vorhees, over and out
After Elide is let go, Vorhees can read the writing on the wall. She approaches Emily and basically tells her she knows she’s going to get fired. When Emily and Robyn take her aside, they explain that her skills aren’t strong and she probably should have been hired as an assistant.

I didn’t expect that so early in the season! I was sure Vorhees’ firing was a finale event!

Mind the gap
Kelly packs for her trip to London for their Fashion Week and it’s hilarious. It’s organized chaos as she throws clothing in her bags. It’s really sweet, though, when she says goodbye to Ava and tells her she’ll be seeing her dad. By the way, Ava has a list of chores (in case you wondered if Kelly was raising her to know that rewards aren’t just handed to you).

Without the senior staff, the assistants and account executives freak out. Andrew S. loses it when he’s asked to find seats for editors at the last minute. Instead of feeling horrible for him, his coworkers begin laughing when his bronzer begins to run from the tears. He he. Skinner echos Kelluy’s famous line when she tells him that if he has to cry, go outside (and fix your bronzer, boy).

Hello world, it’s Kelly’s baby daddy
Kelly, Robyn and Emily meet up with Ava’s Euro dad at the airport. He’s pretty snazzy, gotta say. The two met in Paris and had a whirlwind love affair, then out popped Ava! They’re really rather cute parents together.

She’s got mad Twitter skills
Back at the home base, Andrew holds interviews for interns and he hires someone during their interview! Um, Mukamal, you couldn’t have slept on it first? Plus, he mentions her resume is five pages long! Fail. Let’s hope Kelly likes her. Minutes after she leaves, Skinner searches “People Revolution” on Twitter and finds the newly hired girl has tweeted up a storm about her interview, landing the job and being on TV.  That red flags her right away as being unsuitable for work at PR (with their no blogging policy) and Skinner calls her to decline their offer.

Even though Kelly has let the team know they can leave early, Skinner shows her dedication to the job by staying late. She says she wants to someday be the person in the booth running a fashion show and she’s slowly but surely working toward that goal. Skinner is a good egg.

The next day, though, Andrew M. convinces Skinner to leave early for a much-deserved night of drinks and frivolity.

House of Holland, England

Henry Holland, a British designer, has hired PR to help him get more exposure, especially in America. He’s nervous about the show and PR has to help get American editors there. Holland has definitely hired the right company. At the show, Kelly forcefully makes sure that crashers aren’t taking seats from her editors and celebrities.

Once all of her people are seated, Kelly heads backstage. She thought she would be able to hang with the designer and let his British PR company do their thing. She soon realizes they could use her help and she jumps right in.


“You’re all sitting pretty and it really should be the other way around.” – On the fact that the junior staff can’t seem to handle simple task by themselves.

“The goal here is to sell clothes. Does anyone else remember?” – After seeing Vorhees and Elida having too much of a good time (read: getting drunk) at the AA party

“It’s not fashion week. It’s fashion months.” – On how when one Fashion Week ends, preparation for another one begins.

“I look like George Hamilton’s lost sister.” – Kelly got a sunburn during the AA weekend.

“When I went back there, I noticed he needed my help. So, I had to shift out of neutral and into gear.” – On helping out Henry Holland backstage even when she wasn’t supposed to.

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